Tailored Projects to Benefit Workplace Wellbeing

With our employee wellbeing workshops, we provide the tools and resources to overcome factors which decrease wellbeing inside and outside of the workplace and help your employees improve their productivty.

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We help with a customised program. Based on a mix of your needs an our expertise

Group workshop

Mental distress can affect workplace productivity. Moner Bondhu provides employee wellbeing workshops at your office premises at different human resource tiers, along with other mental health packages tailored for your needs.


Moner Bondhu is bringing mental health and well-being related courses right at your doorstep. These courses are carefully designed to improve your daily life and productivity.


Moner Bondhu provides a 24/7 mental health hotline service where you can call anytime to avail any service.

Friend in your pocket

“Moner Bondhu App” is a life-changing trusted friend for a healthy mind and quality life. The app is exclusively prepared to offer high-quality mental healthcare services both counseling and well-being amenities for everyone- anytime and anywhere. Now, professional mental healthcare services will be more accessible with just one click away.

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