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Through our compassionate approach, we strive to normalize discussions about mental health, break down barriers, and create a supportive environment where seeking help is encouraged and embraced.

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Me, my mother,
and my journey

When I came to Dhaka from a small town in Northern Bangladesh, I had nothing with me but my ambition to do something big, something great. It was not an easy journey for me. But with the establishment of Moner Bondhu, I can now proudly say that my social enterprise has helped thousands of people and is changing how mental health is regarded in my country.

In 2015, my mother suffered from depression. And going through the journey as a family, I experienced firsthand the importance of professional mental health care. At the same time, at my then office, I oversaw a supplement that included a confession box. Every day, thousands of people wrote to me about their mental health struggles.

These two experiences revived my ambitions to make a difference. It became my dream to make mental health care and well-being services available to all. In 2016, I had an idea that led to the creation of Moner Bondhu.

In addition to the stigma and lack of awareness, I feel that mental health is a very neglected sector. This has led to challenging negotiations with Moner Bondhu and investors.

But despite it all, my ambitions remain. The same aspirations I came to Dhaka with all those years ago. I want Moner Bondhu to become a household name and a leading force for change.

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