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Why We Believe Mental Health Matters

It’s Only Normal

With our empathetic touch, we aim to make conversations about mental health regular, dismantle stigmas, and foster a space where reaching out for support is encouraged and embraced.

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Our diverse services, affordable options, and inclusive resources ensure everyone has a path to better mental health.


Me, my mother,
and my journey

Moving to Dhaka from a small town up north was daunting. All I had in my pocket was a dream and the same determination that brought me to the city. Today, that same spirit runs through Moner Bondhu, a testament to my journey and an enterprise that's touched thousands, reshaping how we see mental health in Bangladesh.
2015 was a year that changed me. Watching my mother battle depression, feeling its ripple effects within our family, made me realise just how crucial proper mental health care is. Around the same time, my then office had a confession box. Every day, I'd read heart-wrenching letters from countless souls sharing their struggles and each letter felt like a silent plea, a reminder.

I believe these deeply personal experiences reignited my purpose. I felt a renewed drive to make quality mental health care accessible to all, and in 2016, that drive became Moner Bondhu.
Our journey hasn't been without its roadblocks. Mental health, despite its importance, remains a sector cast in shadows, misunderstood and often neglected. This has made our journey with Moner Bondhu and potential partners an uphill battle.
But I'm holding onto my dream, the same one that brought me to Dhaka. I want Moner Bondhu to be more than just a name – I want it to be a beacon of hope, a home for many, and a force that drives change.

We pride ourselves on our proven expertise in mental health.

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At the heart of our service is a compassionate and experienced team of counsellors. With varied specializations and a shared commitment, they are here to walk with you towards healing and growth.

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