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RMG Workers Wellbeing Program

Enhancing fashion industry companies employees' wellbeing, productivity, and retention.

Moner Bondhu is the pioneer organisation in Bangladesh to provide wellbeing services and mental health support to the fashion industry workers in Bangladesh. Our approach has shown uplifted productivity, retention and overall wellbeing improvement throughout 70+ RMG factories in Bangladesh.

Moner Bondhu won the prestigious Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge 2022, which bears another testimony to the organisation's undying dedication to uplifting the lives associated with the fashion industry.


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Top Up Cards and Well-Being Programs

Moner Bondhu's Innovative Top-Up Cards provide a flexible and convenient way for individuals to access various mental health and well-being services. RMG Workers can purchase top-up cards with affordable prices which can be used to redeem various services offered by Moner Bondhu.

Balance Between Body and Mind

Moner Bondhu's Yoga/Meditation Sessions focus on promoting mental and physical well-being through holistic practices. Regular group yoga and meditation sessions are conducted either online or at designated spaces within the factory premises, led by certified instructors.

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