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“Moner Bondhu App” is a life-changing trusted friend for a healthy mind and quality life. The app is exclusively prepared to offer high-quality mental healthcare services both counseling and well-being amenities for everyone- anytime and anywhere. Now, professional mental healthcare services will be more accessible with just one click away.

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Meditation is more than just a practice; it's a tool for enhancing mental well-being. Explore the transformative impacts of meditation on mental well-being


Come and refresh your mind at Moner Bondhu Counseling Space where you can share, understand and find solution to your relationships, either in person or online


Moner Bondhu is bringing mental health and well-being related courses right at your doorstep. The courses are carefully designed to help not only you, but also the people around you through you at a very affordable price.


Moner Bondhu aims to bring mental health to everyone's doorstep. Mental Wellbeing is a necessity, not a luxary, and this stigma can only be removed with your help. Check and share our posts, live shows, podcasts and help us make a smart Bangladesh.

Specialised in wide range of expertise. Nothing is strange.

Individual Counselling

Moner Bondhu provides 24/7 both online and offline Counselling services.

Relation counselling

Our experts provide relationship advice and work with attachment & relationships.

Group counselling

Our group counselling will help you to discover growth, support, and healing.

Addiction Counselling

Our counselling sessions will help to find the root cause of addiction and recover from it.

Anger Management

Our counseling sessions will teach you how to manage anger and negative emotions.

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Stay in touch with our content and courses, and become a friend of your and other's minds.

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Experienced and certified psycho-social experts, advocates and mental health workers and 1500 volunteers and dynamic management team who has reached over 4 million people online and more than 1 hundred thousand people through events.

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